If you have never played the casino game of Craps before, then there are some basic things that you will need to learn if you expect to become a consistent winner playing the game and not only wonder How to become a craps winner. Casino Craps is a game played with two dice on a distinctive table, unmistakable in its design — green felt with what looks like a highly complex layout on which countless side-bets can be made. Players of the game bet on the outcome of the numbers of the dice thrown onto the table, where the player who throws the dice is known as the “shooter”. Other players are permitted to put gaming chips on the setting spaces of the table signifying a desire to make a side bet on the outcome of the dice. They will either win or lose their bet according to the outcome determined by the roll of the dice.

On the face of it, Craps can appear to a new player to be so complicated a game that it is not worth learning. Moreover; the actual playing environment can be a bit intimidating to the newcomer due to the loud noise, the extremely fast action, and even the unique language used by players of the game. It is at this point where the beginning player needs to have pointed out to him that despite the daunting challenge, the game is after all worth learning how to play well because there is no other casino game of chance that offers better odds of winning, and that good players can pile up winnings quite fast.

In the game of Craps you can be the shooter or a person who bets with or against the shooter. There are not a lot of strategies that the shooter can employ because his outcome is 100% determined by the random roll of the dice. For the non-shooter the above mentioned elements break down as follows:

Timing is about putting money on the table when you are highly confident a profit will be earned. You begin to learn how to maximize your earnings when you make a commitment to yourself that you will only place a bet for the purpose of earning a profit, and for no other (emotional) reason. Limiting your risk becomes automatic to you when you consciously limit the amount of actual time that your money is in action or on the table. The only way to limit your risk is to limit the amount of time your money is on the table. The most important element within your system is make use of probabilities which means that you do the work of understanding when it is advisable to alter the amount of your bet up or down in order to either maximize profit or limit risk.